Kristin Aria

Celtic Harpist in Kailua-Kona Hawaii

Kristin composes and performs music for the harp and drum.

Kristin is a composer of Angelic Ascension Music for Celtic Harp.

Kristin has been playing instrumental Celtic Harp in Kona Hawaii for the past 20 years as both a solo performer and collaborating with other musicians. Her new solo CD was released June 2018 called “Angels Among US” and is available on CD Baby, Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes.

Kristin plays events, house concerts, resorts, dinners, weddings, gatherings and solo performances. Her music has a very uplifting and inspiring feel to it, and many feel the presence of angels.

"Angels Among Us” is a divinely inspired work that has been the most intuitive and magical journey of her life. After several years of work on the music and a lifetime spent as a healer and ascension practitioner was she ready to manifest this music from a deep level of her heart with the awareness and compassion it required.

This music invites in the Angels and frequencies of the higher realms to take a truly enlightened journey to your own heart.

Kristin's previous project, Anela Strings, released three albums between 2010-2014 and featured two harps, percussion, and synth. You can find her music on CDBaby as well as on iTunes and Amazon.

Please contact Kristin here if you would like her to play at your event or if you would like more information about her music.

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